Posted: 22/10/2010 in Random
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It’s nearly time for vacation, a time to relax  and spend time with the family and friends. It’s also a time to re-adjust ones body i.e. get some ink done. My goal was to get one piece done every year in April. Well that has not been happening the last couple of years. Tattoos in Dubai are frowned upon but are no way impossible to get. Yes they will properly be expensive and you have the 50/50 chance that it will get done by some dodgy dude. So my sister, Jessica told me about this artist back home who is not only really good but relatively cheap. This image is a design that Ona drew for me, based on an existing outline. So now the game plan is…..   yeah you know it. More on tattoos later.

  1. onamatopoeia says:

    I’m still not really sure what’s going to happen in the inner arm so it doesn’t interfere with your skeleton/snake/dragon/demon tattoo.

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