The Emo Nutshell part 1

Posted: 12/11/2010 in Random
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During my time here in this wonderful planet called earth I have had my share of ups and downs, but coming to 30 years of existence I have come to realize that now more than ever that it’s just a sad vicious cycle and let me tell you the reason why. I’m gonna have to shorten this blog  just a tag as the longer it goes on the more of you as the reader will get tired of trying to focus on the so called meaning of life and all it’s associated bullshit.

Now before we continue,  yes that’s right you, my reader and myself let me make it clear to you that this is not a BITCHING SESSION,  but rather a glimpse into my perspective on whats really going on.  

Present: Now days when you are born you have the distinct disadvantage of starting your new life a good couple years already behind. Think about it, yes there are joys, meaning you properly will have the first seven or so years to enjoy but after that you are forced into establishments of which you have no concept. Learn to read, learn to right(ok, so maybe I didn’t go to those so called schools), learn maths and so on.  I’m all for that but what the fuck is with this, the beginning of the 12 year to 20 year education that you have to complete if you just wanna be a normal rat in the human rat race, I’m not even talking about those super steriod brained rats that tear the ring out of the system, they don’t have a choice. It’s forced upon them, socially, culturally and whatever -ly you can think of.

Example: In South Korean a teenager’s normal typical day at school; This starts from eight in the morning and in most cases finishes in the late afternoon or early evening, instead of going to play sport, climb a tree, surf, smoke pot or whatever teenagers do now days they go to after-school class until eleven. Now believe it or not, this class is optional, but because of the pressures to perform and get accepted  into semi ok tertiary education establishment they forced to go by parents or force themselves  to attend. Now if you happen to come from a well off family that’s the end of your day however if you don’t well then my friend you have to go to work at your part-time job. And so the cycle continues.

This concludes part one as my computer scan is now complete, until the next time, think about that. Stay tuned until my next scan…

  1. onamatopoeia says:

    You’re so wise. And I’m awaiting Emo Nutshell Pt. II. 🙂

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