Mid life crisis?

Posted: 07/12/2010 in Random
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Yeah, it sounds unreal but it could be true. Next year will be my 30th birthday and that of course brings the perspective of what I have accomplished in my life so far. There have been ups and downs and I can honestly say that I have 2 regrets,  which would not have changed my life in a mind numbing different direction. 

I believe that cash doesn’t equal happiness, power doesn’t equal love and the list could go on….

What I’m coming to is this rat race we live in; its controls and manipulates us into thinking that unless we are in the 30% successful bracket we have not “made our way”.

Read this paragraph and see what you think?

Midlife crisis is a term coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques and used in Western societies to describe a period of dramatic self-doubt that is felt by some individuals in the “middle years” or middle age of life, as a result of sensing the passing of their own youth and the imminence of their old age. Sometimes, a crisis can be triggered by transitions experienced in these years, such as extramarital affairs, andropause or menopause, the death of parents or other causes of grief, unemployment or underemployment, realizing that a job or career is hated but not knowing how else to earn an equivalent living, or children leaving home. The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day-to-day life or situation, such as in career, work-life balance, marriage, romantic relationships, big-ticket expenditures, or physical appearance.

Damn it, doesn’t this apply to just about everybody who gives a shit about material possessions and doesn’t have the amount that they think is enough.

What a load of bullshit. Of course I’m gonna to change myself now……

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