Bitch Session

Posted: 06/01/2011 in Random
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So finally I have moved to my apartment, it’s been a long wait but it seems to have been worth it. Large spacious room that are completely devoid of anything that resembles furniture. Give it time I say. But what really gets me is the infrastructure of this complex. Ok fine, it houses a lot of people, but what the fuck were they thinking.

 Since when do you have two entrances/exits (with barriers) when you have thousands of people staying there. So like 1+1=2 right? So make more fucking access points so I can cook my fucking dinner instead of waiting in traffic

 Instead of being able to turn on to the side of the complex when you happen to reside, you have to go completely out of your way, perform an irritating u-turn and then somehow navigate your way to your unmarked building. The complex is devoid of life, not a tree, shrub, bush, flower or blade of grass is to be seen. Only dust, dirt and stupid cricket players. Ahhh the joys!

But there are positives, yes I’m not just a pessimistic. I have friends staying close by (poker nights, hell yeah), a good view of the Burj Kalifa, awesome bar area, hot water and electricity. So it’s not all that bad.

 Enough of the bitching session it’s time for my game of street cricket, shit I hope I don’t get hit by a car.

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