The Maybe List

Posted: 06/01/2011 in Random
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It’s the New Year so instead of my New Year resolutions which I was pondering so much about, I decided to make a maybe list. Chances they won’t happen but it’s always good to write this shit down.

 Becoming stinking rich doing  the job I love

Learn how to cook without going to buy supplies

Become so fucking good looking that women’s jaws drop when I walk past(Yes girls only)

Stop smoking

Get some kind of talent except the one I already have(cat shrieking in the shower)

Wake up without a hangover

Win more than 5% of my poker games

Make my girlfriend happy

Make my girlfriend make me happy

Watch less movies

Become more social

Try smile(even though it might crack my face)

Go fishing, camping or something like that

Yeah that’s enough. That should keep me busy for a while. Any others I left out?

  1. onamatopoeia says:

    Your girlfriend is already happy!! 😀

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