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Posted: 10/02/2011 in Random
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Seriously, WTF!

So when I can’t take what life gives me I’m gonna pop a pill and then everything is going to be better. If that’s the case, I might aswell just have a stash of cocaine in my pocket. Oooo I’m feeling sad, let me just powder my nose.

So some of you are thinking I’m being a little harsh. Well, too bad I’m just saying the truth. If it’s socially acceptable to take antidepressants when then we live in a sad, sad world. What ever happened to dealing with shit and getting over it.

One is not gonna be enough, give me the whole pack!

“O, damn my girlfriend broke up with me-pop a pill”

“O, my father just died-pop a pill”

“O, I just got fired pop a pill”

“O, A leaf just fell of that tree- pop a pill”

“O, It’s raining today- pop a pill”

When will it ever stop?

Looking at some research you might aswell take a headache pill labelled “antidepressant”

“A review of all studies of antidepressants ever submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), published and unpublished, was submitted to the FDA in 2004. In the published literature, antidepressants had 94% success in treating depression.[1][2] In the withheld literature, they had below 50% success.[1] Combined, all studies showed 51% efficacy[1] – only two points better than that of placebo”

How many people take that shit?

“There are 2.4 billion drugs prescribed in visits to doctors and hospitals annually, of those, 118 million are for antidepressants”

What a load of bullshit!

Ok, enough of my ranting, I just opened a beer and I feel depressed so gotta go pop my pill.



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