What type of Music

Posted: 18/02/2011 in Random
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Music effects everyone in the world. Be it if you have a stick and you are beating a tree or a nice system blaring in your car. It brings primal emotions out; joy, sadness and rage.

Joy: I could imagine pumping tunes at a dance club -the bass pulsing though your body, the need to move. An urge that is not only primal but chemical aswell. Or maybe a rock/ metal live performance , the rock ballad. Yes surely it would put the people in a joyous state, smile and esteem all pumped up.


Sadness: Love songs, screw that shit. But there is nothing wrong with feeling a little remorse or pain. That’s what makes us human. Listen to it when your alone, had a couple beers and your gonna see tears and hear sobbing only to realize it’s your own.

Kid Rock – \”Only God Knows Why\”

Rage: Designed to feed your angst, come on every body has some, even the quiet librarian who looks so meek and controlled. In a world full of so many beliefs and ANGRY people.

Rage against the Machine- People of the Sun

On a final note R & B doesn’t really count as music….

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