Burj Al Arab Swim

Posted: 06/03/2011 in Random
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It doesn't look like much, right?

So this morning we had a management in service.  Little did I know that, Wait I did know it was early morning around 7:00am. It was early, it was cold, I was grumpy.

We went over some new CPR skills, yeah in fucking 15 knot winds oooo yeah it felt good, not!

Anyway after that there was a little surprise for us.  A 2oo m sprint and then 1km swim around the burj al arab. Just the way I wanted to start my day at work, Yes!

So anyway In the sprint I thought I had better go for gold and run like a motherfucker only to realize that  after 50 meters I didn’t have the gas. I slowed down, I saw figures zooming past me at an unbelievable rate. I knew my place.

The swim started out pretty good, but soon I understood that 2 years of NO excercise will do you harm. Gasping with breath, I focused on my goal. Fuck it, it was so far away! I regained my composure. I’m a man I can do this. I continued.  Breath after agonising breath I went until I couldn’t do any more.

Ha, time for breaststroke. I hoped no one would see me but with such viewable tattoos it was a wrong guess. Any hoo I finally made it to the finish line in 18:24 minutes.

I ran across the finish line , a stitch so bad I couldn’t breath. But wait who needs to breathe when you’re a machine. Gotta love it and yes, I was beaten by a woman, sshhhhh don’t tell anyone!

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