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I want this!

Posted: 22/04/2011 in Stuff I Like
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One of my dreams to get something like this at my place. It’s graphic and helpful. If only there was one more door/sign, it would be for the doushebag.


Whenever I say to someone I’m going to do something it never happens! Call it Muphy’s law or karma whatever it is, I have decided to rectify this dilemma. I’m  going to pull a sneaky on it, surely if I say the opposite it will happen.

  • I will not get into shape
  • I will not win in poker
  • I will not beat Ona in cooking
  • I will stop smoking and drinking
  • I will not win any money/car/house/holiday/free mail-order bride, yeah that last one was a joke.


Things I will do

  • I will … come to think of it there isn’t much I don’t want to happen plus I don’t want to hope for too much.

If  this happens to work I’m going to make millions by writing an inspirational book on not what to do 🙂

 The competition is on! Due to never ending series of reality shows, we have been hypnotised into believing we can be the next masterchef. However that’s not to far from the mark since anything will taste good if you haven’t eaten for an extended amount of time.

 Friday is our test day,  we will rack our minds trying to prepare an ultimate dish that will impress  any unlucky person who is in our close proximity. There is a 50/50 chance that the unlucky guinea pig could succumb to food poisoning of the worst kind.


 I am meant to be making some kind of Entrée,

What the hell is that?

all I know is about meat. Yes, yummy, delicious meat.

Thats what Im talking about!


 Give me any kind of meat except fish and it’s going to be a gorgeous main meal. I’m really guttered that my Culinary Skills aren’t that good and I’m always coming 2nd. But wait, I have turned over a new leaf and decided that I will focus my amazing frontal lobe to out cook Ona in this skill of wits and nerves.

Plus one more positive!

I’m a guy!

Should you have any great recipes that could potentially get me to win, put them in the comments and if I ever become  a famous chef you will get an awesome present from yours truly.

Photos Later