Posted: 22/04/2011 in Random
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Whenever I say to someone I’m going to do something it never happens! Call it Muphy’s law or karma whatever it is, I have decided to rectify this dilemma. I’m  going to pull a sneaky on it, surely if I say the opposite it will happen.

  • I will not get into shape
  • I will not win in poker
  • I will not beat Ona in cooking
  • I will stop smoking and drinking
  • I will not win any money/car/house/holiday/free mail-order bride, yeah that last one was a joke.


Things I will do

  • I will … come to think of it there isn’t much I don’t want to happen plus I don’t want to hope for too much.

If  this happens to work I’m going to make millions by writing an inspirational book on not what to do 🙂

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