The Letter “L”

Posted: 19/05/2011 in Random
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Ok people, my laptop has started dying! It’s first sign, is the letter “L”. So from now on I’m gonna stop smashing the keyboard to get “L” to type. To save me time and effort we are going to play a game, it’s called “Read the Blog and try make sense out of it!”

Here goes!


Egyptian hieroglyph Proto-Semitic Lamd Phoenician
Etruscan L Greek
Proto-semiticL-01.png PhoenicianL-01.png EtruscanL-01.png Lambda uc lc.svg


Try make sense of this

“One day I was waking in the nature reserve close to my house. It was a beautifu sunny day with birds singing and the afternoon was fied with aughter. Mysef and a coupe friends went on a mission. Yes a mission of epic proportions. Armed with our magica rations we head on our way. After consuming our “stuff” we got ost. Wandering through the widerness was quite dangerous considering there is penty dark dangerous things such as snakes, thieves and giant wid dogs. itte did we know what we woud get  into. The coours were much brighter and the contrast was amazing. Our senses were sharpened.

“Ho Hum Ho Hum”

 Swatting aside at the ush bushes and trees we heard a humming! We thought nothing of it, mainy because the swe feeing that was radiating from our inner core.

“Ouch, Arrgghh”

Something was attacking us. The pain was coming from nowhere. In that situation when you are getting hurt and you don’t know where it is coming from the ogica thing to do is …RUN. We ran and ran but sti the pain woudn’t stop. After what fet ike forever  we found ourseves next to a highway, we turned to each other to try find out what the fuck just happened. ooking at each other we saw sting bites a over us. Apparenty we had wandering into a huge, angry nest of hornets. For those of you who don’t know what a hornet is, et me expain.


A hornet’s sting is painful to humans, but the sting toxicity varies greatly by hornet species. Some deliver just a typical insect sting, while others are among the most venomous known insects.[1] Allergic reactions, fatal in severe cases, can occur; an individual suffering from anaphylactic shock may die unless treated immediately via epinephrine (“adrenaline”) injection using a device such as an EpiPen, with prompt followup treatment in a hospital.

So there you go, of course I’m a sure you are deighted to hear that athough battered and in a arge amount of pain I survived. And so in cosing when you go for a wak beware of the hornet among other things!”

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