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Ha Ha, well that’s not far the truth. Being in Dubai does kinda  feel like being  on a desert island, but if I was in an actual desert island I think it would be pretty funny and scary depending on my mood at that particular moment.

I could imagine myself running around half-naked, a mad gleam in my eyes, crying and sobbing . Or trying to keep myself busy, making up imaginary friends trying to pass the time of day-to-day until I was rescued.

But if I was rescued would I go back? Hhhhmm. To give up the simple life and go back into the rat race, why? Wouldn’t it be better to just live life on an island doing enjoyable things the whole time like fishing, camping and so on. A permanent vacation, sounds good to me. 

Just gotta make sure I know how to make my own booze, because that’s when life could get tough… 

Maybe I would look like this after too long!


So Ona and myself have a routine of trying to mentally simulate our selves every Wednesday night by attending a Quiz Night at one of the local bars. Whats that I hear you say? Quiz night, isn’t that for nerds? Ok, ok before you start running it down let’s put it  into perspective. Good music(Most of the time), Free booze(Most of the time), and Free brunches(Some of the time).

Ok so it has some perks, not only are we getting cleverererer but also having a good time, but what is really funny is the people we sometimes see there. Here’s some of the crew:

The other nerdy but cool guys- they tend to bring about 10 people every quiz night so the odds are always in their favour.

20 people in one team just isn't fair

The old, grumpy couples(normally 4)- they tend to be really ugly and therefore think the world owes them some kind of favour because they got hit so bad with the ugly stick. The women are aggressive and the dudes are embarrassed.

Stupid Ugly People

The lonely barfly- we haven’t seen him for awhile but, he’s just weird and constantly talks shit about how he is a self-made millionaire


The Asian hookers- They have been on the down low for awhile, they don’t actually compete in the quiz however I do like looking at them. Whoa! Not that way, I like to look at them when they are trying to pick up the dudes at the bar, it’s funny.

Funny Stuff + cool movie

The blackberry Users- they tend to hide in the corners and at the perfect moment use their secret weapon, yes you guessed it, their blackberries. You can always tell who they are, they normally come to complain that the answer given by the quiz master isn’t right.

I hope!

The DJ- Yeah he is pretty cool in the sort of goofy way. I can’t tell you too much about him, it’s a secret. Hush! But seriously half the time I can’t understand his accent. Add to that a couple of beers and I really don’t understand jack shit.

He's Cool!

The Manager- Tool! He just ain’t cool, pink shirts, awkward greetings, you get my meaning.


I wish I had some talents at drawing so I could give you a good picture of what I am talking about, instead I have to put some dodgy photos . So next time you are at a bar, and a quiz night starts, take a look around, you might see us.