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Yes, I have finally figured out the biggest secret in the world, the truth about women. Every guy from the time of his birth and until his deathbed has pondered about it

Things we need to know

  • What makes you happy  not complain so much?
  • Do you really look like that?
  • Can you cook?
  • Can you make us happy?
  • Are you going to hurt us emotionally? What is this word “Emotion”

The list could go on but I’m sure you get my drift. Why do we want to know? Simple, because if we have to spend the majority of our lives with ladies we have to be able to deal with them. It is commonly called the “War of the Sexes”.

And yes  that is my term which I just made up, but I can’t find the TM key on my laptop. So don’t be stealing my cool ideas. I am going to make millions with this.

So to keep this short I have attached a clip from my old mate Chris, he is going to give you  the reader, the truth about women and although it funny as hell, it is the TRUTH.


So the next big question is, Am I a girly man?

Now you may be thinking what’s going on here, let me explain. Latest statistics show that more and more men now days are concerned about their appearance. Example:  more guys are going to gym, dieting, doing cosmetic surgery and using beauty products.  They are in fact more concerned than most women.

“An area of rapid growth in the sales of beauty products has been in products designed specifically for men. Contrary to popular belief, men are in fact concerned with their appearance, albeit to a lesser extent than women. Although this market is relatively new, experts predict cosmetics for men will be the next big thing in beauty products. ”

My shower but 2 of those are mine!

Mens or Womens?

Ok, let me not get too carried away, women are still the biggest liars/users out there.  As Chris Rock (funny clip)pointed out, women’s faces don’t really look the same without the make-up, they aren’t really that tall, their breasts aren’t really that big. All of it is good advertising!

So back to the point am I a real man if I use facial cream, moisturiser and so on? I don’t really believe in using that stuff but I sure don’t want to look like a wrinkly old man at the age of 40.

So the question is does using beauty products (no make-up!)  Make me a girly man?