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Ha Ha, well that’s not far the truth. Being in Dubai does kinda  feel like being  on a desert island, but if I was in an actual desert island I think it would be pretty funny and scary depending on my mood at that particular moment.

I could imagine myself running around half-naked, a mad gleam in my eyes, crying and sobbing . Or trying to keep myself busy, making up imaginary friends trying to pass the time of day-to-day until I was rescued.

But if I was rescued would I go back? Hhhhmm. To give up the simple life and go back into the rat race, why? Wouldn’t it be better to just live life on an island doing enjoyable things the whole time like fishing, camping and so on. A permanent vacation, sounds good to me. 

Just gotta make sure I know how to make my own booze, because that’s when life could get tough… 

Maybe I would look like this after too long!


So today I will be three years in Dubai, seriously I thought I wouldn’t last one year. I came in a group of  about 30 people and now there are about 4 of us left. The rest were fired,have resigned or got arrested. 

So the question is, what has changed in those 3 years? 



OK,I don't really look that bad!


 Yeah so I don’t really look that bad, but you have to have a dig at yourself every so often. Also I have noticed my choice in music has changed:

1st Year:


2nd Year:


3rd Year:




So I really didn’t change too much 🙂

Time to celebrate! Clean the apartment and hit that half jack of  vodka.


Posted: 12/11/2010 in Random
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Yeah, you are properly thinking what a dumb title but wait…. when you live in Dubai and it rains, it’s time to celebrate. For those of you who don’t know Dubai in the middle east, where the rain doesn’t fall….often. I would say at most, it will rain -+ 14 times a year. Yes it is sad, but this is where I call home at the moment so if it rains I’m like, ” O my god, rain sweet beautiful rain”.

Today it rained!

Trying my best not to run out in the middle of the main road in nothing but skimpy(but manly ) boxers screaming ” Rain, water, rain, water”, over and over while making pathetic childlike gestures to the rain gods. Believe me, this is extremely difficult to do when you have bore witness to constant +40 degree weather for the majority of the year.

 So back to me, prancing around giggling and gurgling like the man I am. Thank God, the people driving past me weren’t even noticing me because there are 20+ adults doing the exact same thing as me. Sweet! I’m not the only last cause.

But… yes a big butt (Hahaha), it only lasted roughly 5 to 10 minutes. The dream shattered, I felt it falling through my trembling fingers. What a cocktease! I went back into my apartment with a sense of shame, embarrassment and disappointment.  It was over. I just hope no-one took any  photos because they  would prove  hard to explain, the grown  30-year old in his underwear running around like a crazy eyed lunatic.

I’m going for a  month vacation back home and if by any chance it rains in Dubai while I’m gone there is gonna be hell to pay!! So please don’t let it rain in Dubai for the next month. Sorry to those of you staying behind!


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It’s nearly time for vacation, a time to relax  and spend time with the family and friends. It’s also a time to re-adjust ones body i.e. get some ink done. My goal was to get one piece done every year in April. Well that has not been happening the last couple of years. Tattoos in Dubai are frowned upon but are no way impossible to get. Yes they will properly be expensive and you have the 50/50 chance that it will get done by some dodgy dude. So my sister, Jessica told me about this artist back home who is not only really good but relatively cheap. This image is a design that Ona drew for me, based on an existing outline. So now the game plan is…..   yeah you know it. More on tattoos later.