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What type of Music

Posted: 18/02/2011 in Random
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Music effects everyone in the world. Be it if you have a stick and you are beating a tree or a nice system blaring in your car. It brings primal emotions out; joy, sadness and rage.

Joy: I could imagine pumping tunes at a dance club -the bass pulsing though your body, the need to move. An urge that is not only primal but chemical aswell. Or maybe a rock/ metal live performance , the rock ballad. Yes surely it would put the people in a joyous state, smile and esteem all pumped up.


Sadness: Love songs, screw that shit. But there is nothing wrong with feeling a little remorse or pain. That’s what makes us human. Listen to it when your alone, had a couple beers and your gonna see tears and hear sobbing only to realize it’s your own.

Kid Rock – \”Only God Knows Why\”

Rage: Designed to feed your angst, come on every body has some, even the quiet librarian who looks so meek and controlled. In a world full of so many beliefs and ANGRY people.

Rage against the Machine- People of the Sun

On a final note R & B doesn’t really count as music….


The Flight

Posted: 19/11/2010 in Random
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So finally we arrived in south africa, the flight was exactly what I expected, painful. It started when I had already checked in, knowing that I gonna have to go with out a smoke for 8 or so hours, I was scanning with my eagle vision for a smoking room at the dubai airport.

After half an hour of continuous scanning I found one. Eureka! But the joy in my heart slowly dissipated as I read the sign,”Closed for maintainance”. So with a weary heart I continued on, my feet were heavy but we time passing and I needed that last quick fix. Again I found one but it looked like everyone that smokes had the god damn same idea.

A smoking room at Dubai airport is roughly a 6×4 room with little or no ventilation and 30 people inside. If you want to smoke you don’t even have to light one up, you kind of just take a couple of deep breaths and continue until your eyes are watering and when leaving you feel your way out, bumping and groping others in the same predicament.

With nicotine at optimum levels I proceeded to board the plane, now to hear other south africans talking was like rain in dubai. Awesome! Luckily for me no the seat next to me was empty so I could enjoy a little extra space but that helped fuck all. Those seats are just small, crap and uncomfortable. To ease my suffering I decided to have a couple of beers, big mistake. Yes the beers did help me to sleep but when you have a beer and no cigarette it just doesn’t feel right. Anyway after my little snooze I woke up to find that the desert was in my mouth. So dry! Asking the hostess for some water she gave me a death stare of note and said,

“Sorry, we don’t have bottles of water but you can have five of these water tub containers.”

Needless to say the water tub containers consists of one sip. Why like this? Cursing my need to have beers on the plane, I promised myself never again will I drink on a plane. Damn crap Heineken.

The rest of the flight passed without incident save one, the extraordinary great feeling of seeing my country from the sky, knowing that I would be landing soon. I was home!