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Posted: 03/12/2010 in Random
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Well, I have finally mustered up enough strength and intelligence to post something. This vacation back home has been somewhat hard, difficult and strength sapping.

While on my rest period I went had some more ink done, now bear in mind I have alot so one would think that I would have grown used to the pain. BOY, was I wrong!

I already had a tribal outline on my outer arm/ bicep area and decided that it was time to finish that portion up. I went to a guy that my sister recommended and all was good. The first sitting was not too bad, section off the tattoo and add all the extra black and outlines. I waited for that to heal which took about 10 days or so and went back for the rest.

In those 10 days of resting I had a couple heavy nights which included large amounts of excesses so I WASN’T feeling that good. Yeah I reckon a good month of no consumption of anything besides water and fruits could have helped, anyway I went there already feeling some what worse for wear.

I was pretty excited to finally get this  outline completed after three years of waiting. We started at 10am and continued to 3pm with only 4×5 minute breaks for me to try calm my hunger pangs. Yes I’m a doos! I had forgotten to eat breakfast and people were pouring into the shop because I had used my appointment time already. No time to eat. Must finish now.

While getting tattooed we had some interesting conversations, religion of all types, the meaning of life, life in SA and abroad all to the drone of some really hardcore death metal. I got a couple titles of some good books which are apparently must reads, thanks to Pat the tattooist.

Back to the pain, for those of you who don’t know, shading for me is the worst part of tattoos. Example, if you have two colours shading into each other that mean the skin has to get tattooed twice over the same area. Shading needle’s have 5 or 6 needles instead of the outline needle which has one. Once with primary colour and again with the secondary colour. Mine was black and red.  As time was passing I was getting silent, more silent, more more silent (if that’s even possible) and completely oblivious to anything around me except the pain.

After what seemed like a lifetime of pain and suffering it was finished. I promised myself next time I would never ever get so much done in one sitting and went home feeling faint, sickly and proud. But why lie to myself I know deep down inside that I will do the same thing next time. That’s what getting a tattoo is all about!


So the story goes that Ona is coming with me to South Africa  for a short vacation, I tried to explain  to her some of the finer points of what to expect( i failed miserably) and as a result this blog was born.  

Myself coming from the country I know what to expect, however this is a crash course of what you could possibly see if you had to come. So lets start it off with the worst, you could see a full scale strike, this properly happens every 2nd week in the land of S.A. It could because the people are not being treated fairly or maybe this is a way to get out of work without getting fired. Possible causes: Government screwing them over; whites screwing them over; blacks screwing them over; bosses screwing them over – basically if you are getting screwed you can strike!

No matter where you drive in S.A. you will always see beggars, at the stop streets, robots, outside your house, shopping centres, every where. At times it is difficult but you can’t give cash to everybody or else you will be the beggar at the end. At least some of them get a bring a smile on such a sad tale.

Another thing people visiting S.A. will have to get used to is guns, at ATMs, banks, malls, building you will see stuff like this. Pretty messed up. I always make a point never to look into those eyes, the eyes of the SAPS, you never know what you are dealing with. Corruption!

Sometimes things are so bad you have to start locking your stuff up, even your slopes when you go for a walk on the beach.

But all isn’t that bad until you go to the infamous Durban’s ex- point road. Words can’t describe. Seeing is believing. When you have seen it, send a reply and what ever you do, don’t go there at night. At least not without some AK-47 and bullet proof vests.

But all is not bad, you can always go look at the awesome wild life just around the corner, it’s bound to give you some surprises. Like a huge monster elephant who is willing to take advantage of the your car( with you in it).

Or you can go live life in the wild side like going on the biggest swing rope in the world. oooo yeah. Shit, I hope they look after their equipment there.

Or you can hang out at the beach, mind you 2 hours in Durban’s sun could give you skin cancer. But it’s god damn worth it, so try it out.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. definitely hard not to become a beach bum over there, in fact it’s a way of life. Surfing, spliff, beer, road blocks, parties, hangovers. All you could ever want!

And if the city is too much you can always hang out in the Drankensberg, mountains, rivers, wildlife, and the occasional crazy baboon who chases after you for no reason.

And finally the awesome bar 10 meters from my mom’s place, I practically have an arrow painted on the road to my mom’s doors step  for those extra bad nights and my brothers can use them too.

So there is the quick crash course on what to expect while visiting Durban, South Africa. To be honest I was joking about most of the stuff…… or maybe you just have to see for yourself. One final thought though, don’t get any paper work done in S.A. because it’s really like this

So come, enjoy, and tell your friend about the great or not so great times you had. But you will never, never forget a vacation here.


Posted: 22/10/2010 in Random
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It’s nearly time for vacation, a time to relax  and spend time with the family and friends. It’s also a time to re-adjust ones body i.e. get some ink done. My goal was to get one piece done every year in April. Well that has not been happening the last couple of years. Tattoos in Dubai are frowned upon but are no way impossible to get. Yes they will properly be expensive and you have the 50/50 chance that it will get done by some dodgy dude. So my sister, Jessica told me about this artist back home who is not only really good but relatively cheap. This image is a design that Ona drew for me, based on an existing outline. So now the game plan is…..   yeah you know it. More on tattoos later.