One Strange Night

Posted: 26/10/2010 in Random

Once upon a time way back when…

Two friends and myself decided it was time for a boys night out. My friend had just moved into a new complex about 40 kilometers outside our current city so we were in uncharted terrority from the start. As all boys nights out start, it began we with a couple. (Bear in mind my couple can range from 3 to I lose count.)

Well, after a few we had a great idea to hit a bar some 70 kilometers from where his pad was. To this day I have no idea why we went there of all places, but it seemed a good idea at the time. (Note: this almost always happens when one is intoxicated)

After getting to the bar I recall a large amount of shooters, pints and dare I say it: yes spading, that’s right I said it. It had to be said. Spading! Not unusual, as boys will be boys. After a few hours we had consumed a huge amount of booze, maybe enough to kill a large, healthy horse. Needless to say for me that was 3 drinks, the rest went between my two mates. I was slipping in and out conciousness but the overwhelming sensations of joy and happiness prompted me to even have a 4th drink. “Bottoms up”, I said. And this is where the real story begins…..

I didn’t really remember the ride back, all I was concentrating on was, “Why the hell is there 2 of everything”.


When I opened my eyes I found I was still in the back of my mates car. “Strange”, I muttered under my breath. What the hell is going on. I didn’t know where the hell I was. “Ah, at the new place, God damn these friends of mine, couldn’t even wake me up when we got home”. I opened the door and stumbled around in a circle hoping that no-one would notice that I was actually trying to walk straight.

This place looked like a maze, so many stairs and so many doors. Nothing made sense. Now I know what a new born baby feels like coming into the world. It’s just not nice, all confused and ungainly. After forcing my weary body up many flights of stairs I reached the door and in I went. Trying not to make too much noise as all the lights were off,I headed straight to the couch. Shirt off,shoes and socks off, jeans off. Time to say sweet goodnight and farewell to this monster of an evening.

Next to the couch was my friend on a mattress, he looked so innocent and tired. God Bless his soul, I thought. What a friend. Finally I closed my eyes waiting for the darkness to consume me. After awhile I woke up. Cold!

 My friend had grabbed my blanket. Fucker. “Yo B, what up with that?”, no response. So I gave him a punch for good measure and took my blanket back, this happened throughout the night.

I awoke in the morning, my body was felt the punishment it had taken the night before. Headache, dizziness, nausea. I gazed around, the bright sunlight burned the back of my booze riddled brain. I did a double take. What the fuck is going on! The room was filled with people I didn’t know. A girl asked from the kitchen, “You want some coffee?”. Am I losing my mind? Trying to play it cool I asked who they were and where the hell was I. This helped fuckall. They didn’t know me, I didn’t know them. The truth hit home, I had somehow stumbled into their place, they were expecting  a friend of a friend and hence left the door open.

Grabbing my clothes, I left in haste but not after a hearty breakfast and coffee. It took me three attempts to locate my friends real apartment. I finally made it back and told them of my strange tale. They of course laughed like the fuckers that they are.

6 Months later:  I was at work when I noticed a girl walk in, she looked familiar. I started some idle chat with her mentioning that she looked familiar. Then it happened, ” Aren’t you the guy that crushed at our place awhile ago”, she said. With a shy smile on my face, I replied” Maybe”.

True Story

  1. onamatopoeia says:

    HAhahahahgagagahagahagahghaha and you tell ME to lay off the shrooms. You fucking guy. Wink!

    P.S. I have no idea what spading is, and I’m scared to Google it.

  2. Ina says:

    You don’t want to know 🙂

  3. Jess Aberdein says:

    I remember this!!! Funniest story ever!! I loved the phone call to mom the next day explaining what happened. Only you Ad 😀

  4. shardraco says:

    too hilarious for words!

  5. Anonymous says:


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