Crappy Bed

Posted: 14/12/2010 in Random
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They say that you are as old as you feel, and boy if that’s right then I’m god damn at least 65. You probably wouldn’t say that looking at my awesome supermodel body, long flowing locks of hair, and dashing brilliant smile….ok ok , just fucking around. I don’t really look like that but maybe something like that after a couple drinks and the beer goggles are on.

With Beer goggles on

But seriously I have concluded that the reason why I feel like a somewhat elder gentleman is my old crappy bed. Nice size but come on, you know you have a problem when your bed feels like a canoe/ hammock, Christ all I need is a paddle and I could have a nice enjoyable ride down the Mississippi river.

All is not lost though I will soon be moving to my new accommodation where hopefully they will have a brand new individual spring bed that you dream about. Yes I say, death to the crappy canoe bed!! I will look like the strapping youth instead of the hunchback of notre dame. 

What I feel like after 1 night

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